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Labor Day Weekend 2022

We are set to kick off Friday, September 3, 2022, through Sunday, September 5, 2022.  We have a lot of new comers this year, and want to give you a one-stop location to see how the weekend will flow.  Below are a few pointers & FAQ that will prepare you for the weekend in Texas.

Note About the Texas Heat

Even in September, Texas is hot.  Our average daily high will range from 95-105 degrees.  2022 is a night show, and when the sun goes down it will still be toasty, but thankfully breezy at the Speedway.  It is important that you hydrate, beginning a week or more PRIOR to the show.  Drink lots and lots of water, if you think that’s enough drink more.

Every year we have a handful of people that get dehydrated and need medical attention.  Don’t let that be you.  Water will be on sale at the event by the track, but make sure and fill your cooler with WATER and Gatorade before anything else.

Can I bring a cooler?

  • YES!  Please do.  Fill it with water and ice packs and drink ALL OF IT! 
  • No bottles of any kind. 
  • You can bring your own snacks as well, just try and keep your area clean and use the trash receptacles, or bring your own bag to leave by the trash cans to make it easier on the cleanup crew.

Can I bring a tent?

  • YES! TMS does allow tents to be brought in, but you must have it properly secured.  TMS requires at least 25lb weights on each leg of the tent.
  • The way the infield is set inside the oval, it creates a constant breeze and gusts of wind, so if you do not properly secure your tent and it catches wind and blows away, any damage done to others or their vehicle is your sole responsibility.  
  • Your tent must be directly behind or in front of your vehicle, you cannot use spaces beside you where cars will need to be parked.

Where do I park?

  • Only the following ticket holders will have a designated parking area (see map): 


Showdown Car Show


Vendor Parking 

  • If you are not in one of the listed areas with designated parking, then you will enter the track and park in the South Paddock (see map).

Can I save spaces for my club members?

  • No. If you want to park together, then you will need to find a meetup spot and roll in together.  In order to keep traffic moving coming into the infield, we have to park the cars in a way that doesn’t create gaps in the designated space for parking.

Where do I pick up my registration and wristbands?


Marriott Champion Circle
3300 Championship Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Registration Opens: 1:00 PM / Registration Closes: 6:00 PM


Marriott Champion Circle
3300 Championship Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Registration Opens: 12:00 PM / Registration Closes: 6:30 PM

Why wristbands?  What do they mean?

  • Vehicle registration ticket holders will be given a white wristband with the WAM Show logo imprinted.  This signifies to the entrance staff that you did register the vehicle you’re brining into the infield, and have been checked in by our staff.  
  • Spectator tickets will be printed with “spectator” written on them.  Again this wristband just signifies that you’ve purchased the ticket and gone through the checkout process. 
  • Laps for Vets ticket holders will be given one purple wristband per lap purchased.  This lets the track know that you have checked in, signed the waiver, and agreed to the terms and conditions.  
  • Those participating in the burnout contest will be given a black wristband that signifies to the pit manager that you’ve signed the waiver and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Remember: You must have your wristbands on BEFORE you line up to drive into the venue.  If you do not have them secured on your wrist (as well as everyone else in the vehicle) when you get to the gate, you will be turned around and have to get back in line to drive in.  No exceptions.

If you lose your wristband(s), they cannot be replaced.

What will I receive if I am in the Showdown Car Show?

  • You will receive a blue envelope for each car you have registered in addition to the above mentioned wristbands you’re entitled to.  The envelope will contain your dash ID.  It needs to be affixed to your windshield when you are inside the venue and parked.  
  • If you lose your car ID tag, then it cannot be replaced, and your vehicle will not be judged.

I purchased a Laps for Vets ticket(s), where do I go and what time do I line up?

  • Before you line up for your lap around the oval, you must attend one of the driver’s meetings that will be held in the Media Center in the infield.

Driver’s Meeting Times

Media Center: 6:15 PM
Media Center: 7:30 PM

  • Once you’ve attended the driver’s meeting you’re free to line up in the North Paddock to get setup for your lap. 
  • Please mind the line, if it’s overflowing on Infield Road, then wait a few minutes, and make your way over there to keep traffic flowing.

What if I am a booth car, in the Showdown, or a Volunteer, when do I line up for my Laps for Vets?

  • You will be given a fast past that will allow you to fast track the line the line and get back to your booth or volunteer position as quickly as possible. When moving your car, please be mindful of the heavy foot traffic in the areas you’re moving from. The vendor midway is a high traffic area, so please be careful maneuvering to Infield Lane to lineup.

I want to bring my dog (service dogs included), is that allowed?

  • Yes, it is allowed, but please remember that your puppy love will be on the blistering hot pavement all day.  Paws burn, and they will get as overheated as everyone else there on event day. 
  • If you must bring your dog, make sure you have sufficient water to keep it hydrated for the duration of the event, and make sure they have puppy pads to wear so their paws do not get burned.

How do I find out more information or to ask a question that was not answered above?

  • Please email info@wamshow.com, or message the page in IG or Facebook to get your questions answered.