Laps for Veterans


presented by Manett’s Mega Shine 

Limited to 150 Entries

Each Entry = 3 Laps

Proceeds donated to the HSVD – Homeless Veteran Services of Dallas

WAM brings you a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter The Great American Speedway and take on the high banked turns at Texas Motor Speedway! Drive YOUR Mopar® on the same track where the greatest from NASCAR became legends while donating the proceeds to our veterans in need. 

General Rules for Laps for Veterans:

–       All passengers must be at least 6 years or older

–       All passengers must wear a seatbelt 

–       Vehicle must be street legal and pass onsite safety inspection 

–       No Alcohol 

On the track:

–       No Passing

–       Pace car will set speed limit – allow one lap to get up to speed

–       Enjoy the laps!

Drivers! You are required to pick up your registration. You will be signing a waiver and we will be placing a wrist band on your person.  

If any vehicle from the group, violates any of the safety procedures listed, the Texas Motor Speedway car will pull to the apron and bring the entire group to a stop. The violator will be pulled from the group and escorted from the track.