The following FAQ’s are provided specifically to those entering the Showdown Car Show feature:

What time can I enter Texas Motor Speedway to set up my car?

The gates open to the public at 5:00 PM.  If you are VIP you will be given credentials to enter at 2:00 PM to set up.

What do I pick up at Registration?

When you pick up your registration package, you will receive a blue envelope for each car that you register that is to be placed on the inside of the driver’s side windshield for TMS personnel to see clearly.  Here is how you set up for entering the venue and judging:

  • At registration, you will receive a blue envelope containing the car show dash ID, which should be affixed to the inside of your windshield after it’s filled out for the judges to see your entry number.
  • Place the blue envelope on the inside of the windshield for track staff to see so they can direct you in the car show parking area.
  • Make sure that you and everyone riding in your vehicle has their black wristband on BEFORE they get to the gate.
  • Once parked, get your car ready for judging.

What if I have more than one car entered?

If you are entering more than one vehicle to be judged, you will have one Showdown envelope for each vehicle that was registered.  Repeat all steps above.

If I am bringing my show car on a trailer, where do I park the trailer?

You will unload in spectator parking, and drive your Mopar® vehicle in.

Does the trunk need to be open?

Yes.  If areas are not visible, you will not receive points for those areas.

How will I know that my car has been judged?

Once your car has been judged, the judging staff will place a sticker on your windshield by your vehicle dash ID.

How will I be able to identify the Judging Staff?

The judging staff will have designated shirts making them easy to recognize.

What if I am participating in the Laps for Vets feature? What time do I line up for my laps?

If you are in the car show, your laps will be assigned towards the end of the day in order to provide the judges enough time to make it to each car.  Check your Laps for Vets envelopes for your designated time to line up.

Where can I find a list of awards & judging criteria?

They are listed here: Showdown

Thank you for your cooperation.  We look forward to making this event amazing!  If you still have questions, please contact us here contact us, or message the WAM show facebook page.