FAQ: Laps For Veterans


The following FAQ’s are provided specifically to those entering the Laps for Veterans feature:

What do I pick up at Registration?

When you pick up your registration package, you will receive a purple envelope for each set of laps that you purchased.  The purple envelope is to be placed on the inside of the driver’s side windshield for TMS personnel to see clearly.

Does everyone in the car have to sign the waiver, or just the driver?

Just the driver.

Will my car be inspected prior to getting on the track? What will be inspected?

Yes, track personnel will inspect the tires (to make sure they are not bald), and to make sure that each passenger has a working seatbelt.

How do I know what time my laps start?

Your purple envelope will have a start time written clearly on the outside with your start time. If you purchased more than one lap, you will receive a different start time for each lap.

Do I have to wear a helmet?


What is the age limit for passengers?

No car seats.  Each passenger must safely fit into a car seat without a booster or any kind of aid.

Do I have to participate in the drivers meeting?

Yes.  The driver’s meeting is mandatory.

What time is the drivers meeting and where will it be held?

The drivers meeting will be held at 10:30AM and 1:30PM.  The driver’s meeting will be in the Media Center. Be prompt, if you do not attend you cannot participate in the laps.

What if I purchased more than one set of laps?

For each set of laps you purchased you will receive a separate envelope.

What if I am also entered into the Mopar Showdown Car Show feature?

If you registered for both the Mopar Showdown Car Show and the Laps for Vets feature, your laps will be assigned towards the end of the day in order to provide the judges enough time to make it to each car.  Check your Laps for Veterans envelopes for your designated time to line up.

Can I pass other cars if they are running slower than me on the track?

Absolutely not. Passing a car on the track could shut down the entire Laps For Veterans feature.  Please do not ruin it for everyone by living your nascar dream!

Where do I line up for my laps?

North side of the track, which is the very far lot from where you enter the track.  Follow the signs.

Thank you for your cooperation.  We look forward to making this event amazing!  If you still have questions, please email info@wamshow.com, or message the WAM show facebook page.